I have never been able to binge-watch, at most I can watch about 2 or 3 episodes of a show at a time. Anymore and I find it hard to remember some of the episodes, I get muddled of when things happened and I seem to miss minor plot-points & lines, making me have to re-watch or read-up to remember what happened.

» 1/26/15 9:20am Yesterday 9:20am

Wednesday Android Update - "It's going up late" Edition (Updated!)

I'm on freaking vacation, what did you expect? Technically this is only Day 2 of my vacation but yesterday I was so lazy in general. I put in effort and expended energy only once yesterday and that was basically so I could pull a ferret and get into some mischief. : ) » 1/22/15 12:02pm Thursday 12:02pm

That's how it used to be here in the States for a very long time. I got my first ferret when I was about 7 years old and at the time they were "exotic" and hard to find. It was just pure chance that my local pet store at the time happened to have one on hand one day when my dad decided we were old enough for an indoor… » 1/21/15 4:22pm Wednesday 4:22pm

I'm going to say for me personally it's a toss up between The Stand and Executive Orders (by Tom Clancy). I know the latter is a seriously lengthy read, just not sure if it beats The Stand or not. Too lazy to go looking through my other book room (yes, I have to have my books in another room besides my own because I… » 1/21/15 12:05pm Wednesday 12:05pm

This? This ruined Christmas for a lot of children, and that is bullshit (also worth mention that for those of us NOT Christmasingly inclined, it sucked too since every fucking thing is closed. I was kinda counting on being able to waste away the day and a half of nothing to do playing some video games).

» 1/16/15 9:05am 1/16/15 9:05am

Wednesday Android Update: Not Quite Feeling It Edition

I honestly debated whether or not to even do this today. It was a hectic day at work today. I've been feeling off for a few days now. It's unusually cold for the area, then we've got rain on top of that. And so many other things. All that on top of Serenada's passing and our being informed of it. I am not at all… » 1/14/15 3:56pm 1/14/15 3:56pm