What Is Pop Discourse? Actually, it is more about what we hope Pop Discourse could be. The ultimate goal would be to have two or more people discussing, debating, and dialoguing on a particular piece of popular culture (within the bounds of Observation Deck’s standards) in one post. We feel that by combining differing voices into a singular post that it might spur greater dialogue in the comments.

As we mentioned, we loved some of the Point/Counterpoint posts that have occurred on Odeck in the past. However, jumping between two different posts to comment? Not so much fun.

EDIT. Yesterday, Bang I Shot You and Behind Dark Glasses did a co-authored post on Agent Carter. We had a lot of fun creating the post and it seems Odeckians enjoyed it too!

Ok, here are some ideas of how this could play out.

The What

Debates. Discussions on diversity and representation. Mediations on different aspects of fandom. Critiques of media using various lenses.


The Who

Two or more people. Folks with posting privileges on Odeck. People that have their posts shared via the Observation Deck tag. Commenters. And you! Yeah, you back there. No, not you Bang. In the yellow shirt. Yup, you. We know you like to read the Odeck posts and have opinions. Come join us!

The How

We did our first post using Google docs. However, future posts could include discussions carried out on twitter, by e-mail, IM, audio podcast, or video (bonus points if they could be animated!). The tools are there, let’s use them! And if by chance you want to make use of certain tools and don’t know how, please, feel free to let us know. We will gladly help out!


The Why (Now With 20% More Why)

Okay, aybe really just 10-15% more. We think expanding the ways in which posts can be developed will help strengthen the Odeck community. There’s also not a lot of these sort of posts occurring in the Kinja-verse from what we can tell. We also think developing posts this way is really fun. Though it does take a bit more time to pull them together.

We like to think we are fairly savvy when it comes to various topics, but we will readily admit that we have blind-spots. We’re two 30 something (Bang: I am NOT 30! Yet.) guys from the US, so more diversity in these types of posts will add to the richness of the post discussion. This will hopefully be a catalyst for even further discussion in the comments.


OK, So What Now

First, we’d like to recognize that there are very valid reasons why some might not want to participate in creating posts this way. Reasons vary, but anonymity is one and interactions outside of Kinja can make maintaining that anonymity difficult sometimes.

If you want to join in with Bang and I, then wonderful. But we don’t own this concept. If you’ve made connections another kinja user on an outside platform that you feel comfortable with and want to create Pop Discourse with them, then we say do it. Because we want to read it. Mark it Pop Discourse (or not). We just want to see an idea like this flourish and we hope you do too.


We are happy to facilitate scheduling, coordination, etc. of these sorts of posts if Odeckians would like us to take on this sort of role. We’re also open to alternate ideas to facilitate the creation of these sorts of posts.

So, what do you think? Have an idea for a topic? Want to participate? Tell us in the comments!